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Kuo Internal Medicine

Patient Questionnaire

1.How did our office meet your expectations of what a primary care office does?
Not at all met
Somewhat met
Met my expectations
Above my expectations
Way above my expectations

2.How convenient was it for you to reach our office when you needed our assistance?
Extremely inconvenient
Sometimes convenient, sometimes inconvenient
Very convenient
Extremely convenient

3.Were our staff capable and friendly when interacting with you?
Not capable and not friendly
Not capable, but friendly
Capable, but not friendly
Capable and friendly
Very capable and very friendly

4.How satisfied are you of our provider as your primary care physician?
Extremely unsatisfied
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
Extremely satisfied

5.Is there any service that we are not currently offering in our office that you would like to see us add?
Nutritional consultation
Laser skin treatment

6.Do you feel that our environment (parking area, waiting room, treatment room, and bathroom) is safe, comfortable, and clean?
Did not meet my expectations
Somewhat met my expectations
Met my expectations
Above my expectations
Beyond my expectations
If your answer is the top one or two, please tell us why:

7.Are our billing and payment methods convenient for you?
Extremely inconvenient
Sometimes convenient; sometimes inconvenient
Very convenient
Extremely convenient

8.Is there anything else you would like the managers of this office to know about your visits?
If yes, please describe below:

9.If you want the managers of this office to contact you, please leave your name, phone number, and best time to call:

Thank you for answering these questions!

Dr. Wilbur Kuo & Associates Internal Medicine, LLC.
5963 Exchange Drive, Suite 112, Sykesville, MD 21784
Phone/Text 410-552-8126, Fax 443-458-7220
Hours with 1st and 3rd Th 9-6. Closed 12-1 for lunch
Onsite Quest Lab opens when our office opens, but closes at 4:00

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