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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Practice

1. Which insurances do you accept?
We accept most major insurances including Medicare, Aetna, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Hopkins, United Health Care, UMR, Cigna, Humana, Multiplan, Coventry, First Health, to name a few. Some of our address changes are still in process but we will not allow this to affect your care. Please be aware that most insurance directories are still being updated, so you may not find our office listed yet. If you carry an insurance I did not list here, please call us as I may have overlooked it or we may be in the process of considering it.

2. Which labs or radiology offices will you use?
We will work with the major labs in our area, which include LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, and Carroll Med Labs, and also the major radiology office in our area, which is Advanced Radiology. In addition, some patients prefer to use labs at Frederick Hospital or radiology offices in University Maryland or Johns Hopkins, to name a few other alternatives. We will work with these facilities as well. If in doubt, please check with your insurance to see which lab or radiology office it covers, and our office can work with them and with you. On a side note, if you go to labcorp.com or questdiagnostics.com, you can schedule an appointment for your lab visit. From personal experience, I know this can save a lot of time!

3. Which hospital will you attend at?
I retain admitting privileges at Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, MD. However, some of my patients prefer to be admitted to Howard County General, St Joseph Hospital, Union Memorial Hospital, University of Maryland, or Johns Hopkins Hospital, and I can work with facilitating that as well.

4. How do I get my records transferred?
You can obtain a record release form on our website here, at our office, or at your previous doctor's office. You can either submit it to your previous doctor, or give the completed form to us, and we can take care of making the record requests on your behalf.

5. What should I bring to my first appointment?
Please bring your insurance card, picture ID (usually a drivers license), form of payment for any copays, and any medications you are currently taking. Also, please check our website for the new patient forms which ideally should be completed prior to your appointment. Please don't be intimidated by the forms! The first few sheets allow us to bill your insurance and are for us to learn the best way for us to contact you. We will NOT need you to fill these forms out at every visit. The other pages are for your medical history; but if you cannot fill the medical history forms out, don't worry, we can work on it together!

6. Can I get a same day appointment if I'm sick?
Yes, absolutely! We have built times into our daily schedule for same day sick appointments or for other urgent matters. The entirety of your sick visit - the taking of your history, the physical exam, the diagnosis and treatment - will be with Dr. Kuo.

7. Can you do DOT (department of transportation) physicals?
Yes! Please call to schedule.

8. What type of tests can you do on site?
- sleep study and cpap adjustment
- Electrocardiogram (EKG)
- Pulse oximetry
- Fingerstick blood glucose
- Hemoglobin A1c (a test to monitor diabetes)
- Urinanalysis
- Stool heme occult
- PPD (tuberculosis) testing
- Visual acuity screening
- retinal examination through specialized ophthalmoscope

9. What type of procedures do you offer?
- Laceration repair (stitches or staples)
- Stitch removal
- Staple removal
- Skin lesion or skin tag removal
- Superficial foreign body removal
- Joint, bursa, or cyst aspiration
- Joint or bursa cortisone injection
- MRSA screening
- Freezing of skin lesions (cryotherapy)
- Emergency defibrillation (all staff BLS-certified)

10. What medications do you give on site?
- Oxygen therapy
- Nebulizer treatments
- Intramuscular nausea medications
- Intramuscular anti-inflammatories
- Intramuscular steroids
- Intramuscular antibiotics
- Epinephrine
- vitamin b12
- osteoporosis injections
- hormone therapy injections

11. What type of vaccines do you offer?
- Gardasil-9
- Meningitis
- Pneumovax
- Prevnar-13 (the new pneumonia shot)
- Tetanus and diphtheria
- Pertussis (whooping cough)
- Hepatitis A
- Hepatitis B
- Flu
- Shingrix (shingles)
- Travel vaccinations

If you have a special need, just send me an email or call, and we can usually find some sort of accomodation.

We aim to provide a VIP/concierge medicine-like experience without the VIP/concierge medicine price tag. Please remember we aim to work together with you to achieve your best physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health, and God bless.

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