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Health Topic: Osteoporosis

by Dr. Wilbur Kuo, MD
March 14, 2016

What can I do to help prevent osteoporosis?
- Increase calcium intake: for men or premenopausal women, 1000 mg/day; for postmenopausal women, 1200 mg/day
- vitamin d supplements: for men over 70, postmenopausal women, 800 IU vitamin D/day
- exercise 30 minutes 3x/wk: resistance training, walking, jogging
- stop smoking
- drink less than 2 alcoholic drinks/day

What can I do to help prevent falls?
- remove loose rugs and electrical cords
- move things that could cause tripping or sliding
- avoid storing things in high places so you don't have to climb
- wear sturdy shoes that fit well; avoid walking around in socks or bare feet
- adequate lighting esp. on stairs
- avoid walking on ice, wet/polished floors
- regular eye checks to rule out low vision, cataracts, etc.
- review your medications with your physician
- physical therapy and/or exercise
- see if your doctor recommends a cane or walker
- consider grab bars or a seat in the shower
- non-slip bath mats
- hand rails or treads for the stairs
- consider a call alarm
- get routine physical to screen for heart issues, blood pressure issues, neuropathies, etc. that may be contributing
- make sure you're taking enough vitamin d

How much calcium is in various foods?
- 8 oz glass milk, soy milk, yogurt, or orange juice w/calcium: 300 mg
- 1 oz cheese: 300 mg
- 1/2 c cottage cheese: 130 mg
- 1/2 c ice cream: 100 mg
- 1/2 cup dark green leafy vegetables: 100 mg
- 24 almonds: 70 mg
- 1 medium orange: 60 mg

How much vitamin D is in various foods?
- 1T cod liver oil: 1360 IU
- 3 oz salmon: 800 IU
- 3 oz mackerel: 400 IU
- 3 oz canned tuna: 150 IU
- 8 oz milk, fortified with vitamin D: 120 IU
- 2 sardines: 46 IU
- 1 egg yolk: 25 IU

More later...

As always, consult your physician before diagnosing yourself or changing your treatment plan

Also, check out the National Osteoporosis Foundation, nof.org/

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